Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco


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For the first time, AKIHO, LA branch exhibited at the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco Japan town on April 18th, 2016.  The interests that we got from everyone was amazing and they just loved our Japanese akitas.   We hope to do this again next year!

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40th AKIHO, LA Branch, Dog Show Results

Yochiken Female
1st- Amazakura Go Kaijyuusoh (Red)
1st- Aki Go Akikensoh (Red)
Yoken Female
1st- Benizauka Go Yamaguchi (Red)
2nd- Hanayuki Go Yamaguchi (Red)
Wakainu Female
1st- Cayenne Go Junketsu (Red)
2nd- Kayoko Go Taiheiyo Kensha (Brindle)
3rd- Saiunme Go Miyagi Nittasoh (Brindle)
4th- Sachiko Go Taiheiyo Kensha (Brindle)
Wakainu Male
1st- Tsubasa Go Yosonikansou (Red)
2nd- Kumohibiki Go Ise Shimada (Brindle)
3rd- Seiunryuu Go Miyagi Takatorisoh (Brindle)
4th- Tora Go Hyozan (Brindle)
Sohken Female
1st- Ryuujinme Go Miyagi Kozaki (Brindle)
2nd- Kokoa Go Kamurosansoh (Red)
3rd- Emi Go Kamurosansoh (Red)
4th- Kitana Go Akikensoh (Red)
Sohken Male
1st- Tenkyou Go Akikensoh (Red)
2nd- Tomodachi Go Kobun (Red)
3rd- Toushuu Go Mizukisou (Red)
4th- Hachi Haruo Go Kobun (Red)
Seiken Female
Yuushuu 1st: Ako Go Ukitakensoh (Red)
2nd- Wakakusa Go Shirai (Red)
3rd- Bijozakura Go Akita Shibata (Red)
Seiken Male
Yuushuu 1st: Yuusaku Go Shirai (Red)
2nd- Kitanoumi Go Shirai (Red)
3rd- Toramaru Go Shirai (Brindle)

UKC (United Kennel Club): One step closer to split!


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Effective January 1st, 2013, Japanese Akita will be recognized as its own breed at the United Kennel Club.

AKIHO, LA branch has always been supportive of JACA (Japanese Akita Club of America) and we would like to congratulate everyone who has been involved in this effort to get closer to split Japanese Akita from One Akita in US.

To read the official breed standard from UKC website, check it out at