Please be sure to mark your calender for the following club events:

1. Pet Expo: Will be held at the Orange County Fairground on April 20-22. If you have never been to this Pet Expo, you are missing out!  Lots of pet products and lots of different breeds to check out.  And of course,  our Japanese Akitas will be representing!!! This is such a great event to educate the public about the history of Japanese Akita.  Many of our club members have become members because of this event.  For more info, check out

2. Summer Picnic: On June 3rd, the club will be organizing a summer picnic at the El Dorado Park in Long Beach.  The picnic is mainly for the members to mingle but to bring friends and family to enjoy the day in the outdoor together.  All Japanese Akita Lovers are welcome.  All dog lovers are welcome.  And all pet lovers too… So bring a friend or two.  Main dishes are provided by the club (yay!), but bring sidedishes and/or desserts (yummy) to share.  We normally start at around 11am and end about 3pm.  This is a very casual event and the food is good. Must try the BBQ chicken wings that actually reminds me of fried chicken wings.  I don’t know how Kayako-san does it.  And there is this salmon baked dish too… so good.  The furry ones seem to like the hot dogs and steaks!

3. Nisei Week Parade and Festival: It’s in August… in Little Toyko in Los Angeles.  The date hasn’t been announced yet.  We get to meet “Aki”, their mascot Akita and most of the times, the princesses from the beauty pagent come over and say hello too.  As soon as I find out about more info, will get back to you!

Lots of events to look forward to.  For now, here is a picture of a cute puppy.