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Some may wonder why join a dog club… well for one thing, you get to know the people who have same interest as you do, Japanese Akita.   Then you will have the following things and so much more…

  • Becoming an exclusive member of  the only branch in US for AKIHO-Japanese Akita Club
  • Participating club events such as Pet Expo, Nisei Week Festival/Parade, and Annual Dog Show that you can showcase and represent your beautiful Japanese Akitas to general public.
  • Inviting friends and family to our fun summer and fall picnics.
  • Able to utilize all of resources available by our branch to communicate with Headquarter in Japan, such as:
  1. Renewing membership
  2. Registering your litter and/or kennel
  3. Pedigree duplicate
  4. Transferring ownership in the pedigree
  5. AKIHO Headquarter newsletter
  • First one to know if there is any litter of puppies available amongst the club members
  • Knowledgeable personnel in the club if you have any question about the blood lines or breeders in Japan and/or US

If you are interested in joining AKIHO LA branch, please contact us at satakamatsu01@yahoo.com.

For now… here is Waka, Kita and three of their puppies playing.