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As a member of AKIHO, one of the benefits that you receive is a club magazine from Japan.  Every 2-3 months, the headquarter in Japan publishes a magazine that covers club meeting agenda, club information, events, etc.

As a non-speaking Japanese member, it will be difficult to find out what it say… but you do get to view great photos of Japanese Akitas.

This current edition, six of our LA branch akitas were featured.  This magazine gets distributed to all members around the world.

Cover of the Magazine

Top Left: Kitanoumi Go Shirai, Top Right: Wakakusa Go Shirai, Middle Left: Yuusaku Go Shirai, Middle Right: Shinyu Go Kobun, Bottom Left: Kokoa Go Kamurosansoh

Bottom Right: Ayame

Isn’t this great or what? We are very pleased.  Can’t wait til 2013 for another show.