Guess who got published in a magazine???


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As a member of AKIHO, one of the benefits that you receive is a club magazine from Japan.  Every 2-3 months, the headquarter in Japan publishes a magazine that covers club meeting agenda, club information, events, etc.

As a non-speaking Japanese member, it will be difficult to find out what it say… but you do get to view great photos of Japanese Akitas.

This current edition, six of our LA branch akitas were featured.  This magazine gets distributed to all members around the world.

Cover of the Magazine

Top Left: Kitanoumi Go Shirai, Top Right: Wakakusa Go Shirai, Middle Left: Yuusaku Go Shirai, Middle Right: Shinyu Go Kobun, Bottom Left: Kokoa Go Kamurosansoh

Bottom Right: Ayame

Isn’t this great or what? We are very pleased.  Can’t wait til 2013 for another show.

AKIHO Summer Picnic @ El Dorado Park – 2012


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We ate! We talked! We ate more! We laughed! We had a great time!

Just hanging out with old friends and new friends who happen to really like Japanese Akitas.

If you missed it, it’s okay… we’ll do this all over again in October. (Date to be announced later)

Here are some pictures of what you missed out.

Lots of huggings and smiley Japanese Akitas!!

Thank you for coming and enjoying the day with us.

2012 America’s Family Pet Expo


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Oh my, my… so many people at the Pet Expo.  So many people just wanting to pet and cuddle with our akitas.  It was so much fun!

Here are some pictures to let you know how busy we were.

Akiko loved the attention!

Akiko saying hello to Kaya.

Sean can’t get enough of Kaya.

4.5 months old Kaya

Here is Kaya’s mom, Kaeda

Miyuki kissing a little girl.

Jiro just hanging out…

Kita loved getting petted.

Steven and Kita on the stage for the breed parade.

Roki got to see his friend from his vet office!

I think the man found Roki’s sweet spot!

Mosura being so sweet.

Mosura enjoying the cool weather.

Karin is thinking… I want your drink…

Karin posing for a picture!

Yamato was not happy to be called “hachi”… serious look…

A visit from American Akita!

What a weekend!!

Pet Expo 2012 Coming up!!


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It’s almost here!  In five days, Pet Expo in Orange county opens. April 20-22: 10am-6 (7)pm.

If you have gone to the expo and remember our booth from the past… well our booth has moved to a new location and its number is 772 in the breezeway between building 14 and 16. You can visit and view the floor plan.  I hope it’s a nice area. 😉

We will have at least 3-5 dogs each day. Thanks ahead for the volunteers!

I normally tell prospective owners of Japanese Akita that they should meet the breed at least once or more to get a feel for the breed.  This is an event to do so.

It’ll be fun, and we will have a blast.  Can’t wait!

“What kind of dog do you have?”


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As you are walking your japanese akita around your neighborhood or at a shopping mall or just anywhere else, has anyone ever asked you this question?

“What kind of dog do you have?”

Then typically, I would say, “It’s a Japanese Akita.”

Then I hear, “oh, he’s beautiful… I have a friend who has an akita, but he is really big.”

Then I would reply, “They probably have an American Akita.”

Does this sound familiar to you?

It’s normal for a Japanese Akita owner to be stopped every so often for information about the breed.  Most of the general public doesn’t know that there is the Japanese Akita and American Akita.

The reason why AKIHO-LA participates in Pet Expo, Nisei Week Festival and other exhibiting events, is to educate people that these are two different breeds with very distinguishable traits.

As an AKIHO-LA member and Japanese Akita owner, it is your responsibility to educate others as you had been educated by us.